Aibur Company, Inc.

We are dedicated to the export of equipment, spare parts and parts for the industrial sector; We are located in Davenport Florida and we have a large number of suppliers and manufacturers of supplies for the Oil, Petrochemical, Food and Mining industries. We specialize in strategic parts in the field of Automation, Filters for Industrial Liquids or Gases, Pressure Transmitters and Regulators, Pressure and Temperature Gauges, Manual and Control Valves in different Materials, Safety Gloves and Boots, Stainless Steel Pipes and Accessories and Carbon Steel in API and ASTM Standards, Instrumentation Piping and Connectors or Pressure Unions of 316 Stainless Steel, Industrial Hoses and Belts, Safety Valves, Flexible Couplings for Motors, among other components, we optimize delivery times and resources through of an effective location and dispatch process, and speaking our Spanish language.


Consolidate ourselves as a highly reliable international supply company in terms of quality, prices and delivery times. Fulfilling the needs of our clients as well as offering all the help and advice to cover all their requirements with certified products, respecting international norms, brands and standards.


Marketing and distributing quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers, generating economic and social benefits for our shareholders and our workers, building a solid and robust relationship with our suppliers and customers.

Maritime and Air Shipping

We shipping under the criteria of International Incoterms, we maintain relationships with the main maritime and air lines for the timely dispatch of our products.

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